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Unique, ambient setting

Nestled inside a 100-year-old brick building in the historic railroad district of downtown Atlanta, Coze boasts irresistible character, fabulous for your most intimate occasions.

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Coze - [kohz] 1. To converse in a friendly way 2. A feeling of warmth and comfort 3. An intimate event space offering a warm and inviting atmosphere for your private gatherings.
Coze is an urban loft space located in the historic railroad district of downtown Atlanta, perfect for all your intimate gatherings under 100 guests. Look for the ORANGE door!
Aged brick walls, 14 foot beam ceilings, and tattered wood floors bring a vintage touch to this modern space, nestled inside a 100-year-old building.
From an intimate shower of 25 to blowing out candles with 100 of your closest friends, Coze specializes in cozy celebrations. Outside food and beverage is permitted, including alcohol. Cheers!

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